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Entry No. 188 25.05.2013
Mooi werk bijna 400 disk ga zo door. Love Atari 800XL and 130XE. Great work! Almost 400 disk, go on.
David Hoitinga (lachendearend) 
Lelystad, Holland
Entry No. 187 28.02.2013
Great site !!! good luck !! and thank you for great games.
Entry No. 186 27.02.2013
Thank you for being a great website. Love my 8-bit.
Entry No. 185 17.02.2013
Thanks so much. I recently found my old Atari 800 in the attic and it still works! I ordered SIO2PC, and I'm setting up my old Pentium Pro computer to source it. Thanks again
Central Square, NY, U.S.A.
Entry No. 184 10.01.2013
Excelente aporte amigo!! muchos de esos juegos los tuve en mi atari. Ke nostalgia. Por cierto, buscando en internet encontre un clon de BoulderDash online. Es identico a la version de atari, lo recomiendo:
Entry No. 183 17.12.2012
Thanks very much for such valuable images. Using SIO2PC usb SUPER!
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