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Entry No. 265 09.05.2021
Thanks for all the hard work on keeping the Atari 8-bit alive!
James P.  
Cary, United States
Entry No. 264 21.04.2021
Very cool thanks! I'll put these to good use.
Entry No. 263 15.04.2021
Best site ever! Thanks!
Entry No. 262 12.03.2021
Muchas gracias, reviviste los recuerdos de mi infancia, tardes de juegos y amigos
Rodrigo Flores 
Santiago, Chile
Entry No. 261 27.02.2021
Thanks Homesoft! Wow I never knew there were so many Boulderdash ripoffs!
Entry No. 260 09.01.2021
Many thanks for all the game disk's. I hope there will come many more.
Entry No. 259 18.11.2020
Good to find this site! I used to be the president of the Atari club in my hometown. Keep up the good work of keepin' the 8 bit Atari alive!!!
Ferd Berfel 
Ocala, FLA, USA
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