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Entry No. 206 10.03.2015
Still love this site, I have them all!
Lelystad, Holland
Entry No. 205 12.12.2014
Great memories! I got my 130XE in 1990 after "Iron Curtain" fell... Greetings from Czech Rep.
Dušan Vojtíšek
Entry No. 204 23.09.2014
Great site! Glad to see it's being updated!
Steve Framberger 
Tucson, AZ, USA
Entry No. 203 21.09.2014
Great site. I still power up & play my old Atari games. I use an 800XL but for the disk drive, I use the .atr images and an SIO2PC cable. Most of my collection I transferred from 5.25" disk to .atr but you have more in your collection than I do.
Bob Zabaga 
Entry No. 202 11.08.2014
Great site...
Entry No. 201 30.05.2014
Thank you for ALL those Atari Jewels !!!
Many,many THANKS for your GREAT WORK and Updates !!!
Thank you !!!
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