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Entry No. 240 07.03.2020
Great resource! Thank you for putting this together!
Murray Johnston
Brisbane, Australia
Entry No. 239 25.01.2020
Thanks for hosting such a great web site and keeping this enormous amount of 8-bit games alive.
Steve Snow
Louisville. KY, USA
Entry No. 238 12.01.2020
Thank a lot for awesome website and too many games.
Mario Minarik 
Trnava, Slovensko
Entry No. 237 26.12.2019
Entry No. 236 25.12.2019
Thanks for all the games and for keeping the Atari 8 bits scene alive.
George Peres
Entry No. 235 06.09.2019
Thank you so much for this wonderful archive. It's been a massive help in putting together my "Atari A to Z" series on YouTube, which celebrates several generations of Atari-based gaming.
Pete Davison  
Southampton, UK
Entry No. 234 29.08.2019
Amazing work, greatly appreciated.
Mark R. Moore
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