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Entry No. 253 17.08.2020
Thank you for preserving all of this great work - Lots of memories here.
Robert Erickson 
Austin, Texas
Entry No. 252 12.08.2020
Thank you so much for doing this. So many memories in here. Nice to see new games are being written too.
Entry No. 251 02.08.2020
Muchas gracias por la pagina y poner a disposicion toda la coleccion de juegos, un gran saludos.
Entry No. 250 27.07.2020
Danke! Sehr gut sortierte Sammlung.
Entry No. 249 22.07.2020
Thank you for such a nice compilation of games.
Regards and take care!
Daniel Rodriguez
Los Andes, Chile
Entry No. 248 06.06.2020
Thank you for putting these games online! Now I need to find an Atari computer again.
Entry No. 247 02.06.2020
The best Atari 8bit Game site anywhere! I'd love to see a couple more of the OSB to XL conversions though if possible because most of us on real hardware need those older games translated.
Jeff Daniel Fulton  
Redondo Beach, United States
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