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Entry No. 258 16.10.2020
Your Page is great, your accurate work and your collection are great, too. Thanks for nice guys like you, who level up the internet to a better place !
Entry No. 257 28.09.2020
You made me smile today. Your Atr file of Solo Flight (Second Edition) works flawlessly.
Thank You!
Doug Fuls 
Troy, US
Entry No. 256 26.09.2020
Great clean Games, Thank You!
Would you test Solo Flight Second Edition. I can't get the Mail Run part of game to work. It won't let you select airports or fuel, it just jumps to take-off mode. fixed...
Doug Fuls 
Troy, US
Entry No. 255 07.09.2020
Thanks, you're the best!!!
This is a great job, preserve it!!!
Lima, Perķ
Entry No. 254 18.08.2020
Dit is en blijft de beste side voor de Atari 8 bit. Ik heb zelf 2Atariís 800 XL.
En 2 Atariís 130 XE. En gebruik ze nog steeds. Maar ook de emulator Altirra 64 bit. Top blijf zo door gaan. ( En op naar de 800.000 visitors ).
Netherlands ( Lelystad )
Entry No. 253 17.08.2020
Thank you for preserving all of this great work - Lots of memories here.
Robert Erickson 
Austin, Texas
Entry No. 252 12.08.2020
Thank you so much for doing this. So many memories in here. Nice to see new games are being written too.
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