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Entry No. 166 23.08.2011
Thanks for your hard work. Good games collection! Please try to play Atari games via online emulator, for example Preliminary Monty (click on joystick icon after page is loading). Some info is here. Play and enjoy!
Saint-Petersburg, RUssia
Entry No. 165 07.06.2011
Great work! The best collection on the entire web.
Michael Ruhoy 
Boston, USA
Entry No. 164 01.06.2011
Thanks for disk 384 and 385. This is the best site for Atari 8bit!
Lelystad, Holland
Entry No. 163 29.04.2011
Отличный сайт, молодцы, вспомнил любимые игры своего детства.
Entry No. 162 10.04.2011
What an amazing colection of games Thx a lot!
Entry No. 161 11.03.2011
Thank you! Im playing on real machine with sio2pc - emotions are back!
Entry No. 160 04.02.2011
This is a great archive of Atari nostalgia!
Steve F.
Tucson, AZ, USA
Entry No. 159 03.02.2011
This is fantastic... keep up the good work and thank you for giving the opportunity to live the 80's.
Entry No. 158 25.01.2011
Wow disk 380 is online 20 more to go for 400.
I can give my floppy disks to you (about 130) but some are protected and not working and also a manager 1350 and a list of all software on the floppy's. Mail me, maybe I got somthing what you can use .
Marco Kersten 
Arnhem, Netherlands
Entry No. 157 16.01.2011
Super Seite - einfach nur geil. Habe damals auf dem Atari 130XE zum ersten mal programmiert in Atmas II Assembler. Es gibt manche 8bit Games die heute vom Sinn noch besser sind und mehr Spaß zu spielen machen als die neuen Games von heute. Atari ist Kult.

Greetings to all old Atari freaks! A very mega cool site here...
Duisburg, Germany
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