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Entry No. 173 13.03.2012
Great collection, many thanks for bringing back the 80s
Entry No. 172 27.02.2012
Many thanks for sharing. It is much appreciated.
Al-Khobar, Dammam
Entry No. 171 26.02.2012
Awesome collection!!! Thanks a lot for sharing !!!
Entry No. 170 18.02.2012
You are the best....really the best!
Congrats from Chile
Victor Cabello
Entry No. 169 02.02.2012
You have a great site and I am all for keeping Atari computers alive.
Grants Pass, Oregon,USA
Entry No. 168 16.12.2011
Thanks for the great work on this side and for disk 387 and 388. Also love the Atari Mega STE.
Lelystad, Holland
Entry No. 167 04.12.2011
Muchas gracias, es la mejor y mas completa coleccion!
Quilpue, Chile
Entry No. 166 23.08.2011
Thanks for your hard work. Good games collection! Please try to play Atari games via online emulator, for example Preliminary Monty (click on joystick icon after page is loading). Some info is here. Play and enjoy!
Saint-Petersburg, RUssia
Entry No. 165 07.06.2011
Great work! The best collection on the entire web.
Michael Ruhoy 
Boston, USA
Entry No. 164 01.06.2011
Thanks for disk 384 and 385. This is the best site for Atari 8bit!
Lelystad, Holland
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