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Entry No. 219 08.05.2017
Awesome site! Thank you for hosting this. Any chance you have a copy of Psychopath Scramble for the Atari 8-bit?
Grover Torbel
Entry No. 218 02.05.2017
cheers & greetz
Entry No. 217 02.05.2017
GREAT site! BIG thanks!
Entry No. 216 03.02.2017
Great site with comprehensive contents.. Thumbs up!!!
David Deth Cady
Bratislava, Slovakia
Entry No. 215 31.01.2017
Thank You very much for this wonderfull site! My first computer game is Montesuma's Revenge on Atari XL/XE. I played it in 1989 the first time. Also I was interesting in many hits like River Raid, Boulder Dash, Star Riders 2 and others in a while. Thanks to Atari XL/XE I connected my life with computers. And thanks for this site that allows you to remember your childhood and play in all of this again!
Max Peroff
Entry No. 214 02.01.2017
thank you so much for keeping the wonderfull atari alive i loved this machine and still do
michael sheard 
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