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Entry No. 154 13.12.2010
Now disk 379 is on, thanks for the nice work on this site. I hope you never stop with this site! It's a lot of work but I've downloaded everything...
The Smiling Eagle from Holland

Belive me, it's some work too to put the Disks online
lachendearend (David) 
Lelystad, Holland
Entry No. 153 15.11.2010
Is there away to download all the games at once? Help would be really appracited. Amazing site by the way...
Entry No. 152 12.11.2010
Excelent, very good...No coments
Guaraci Ap. Souza 
São Paulo, Brasil
Entry No. 151 27.10.2010
Wonderful site with all the games i played when i was a young boy 20 year back on my ATARI 800XL with my brothers Jimmy, Erick, Marggie, cousins and friends. I'm just to feeling looking that!
Lima, Peru
Entry No. 150 21.09.2010
Wonderful site, it brings me back about 20 years ago, when I was a little boy and had my first computer . I always want to play again games like Archon 2 or Airline and now i could. Thank you very much.
Entry No. 149 15.09.2010
Exellent site. Many games. Good Work...
Entry No. 148 03.09.2010
Fan-Fk'in Tastic site!!! Keep it UP!
Bob Farm 
Entry No. 147 01.08.2010
Excellent site with plenty of Atari XL stuff to download and play .
Andrew Taylor 
Leeds, United Kingdom
Entry No. 146 19.07.2010
Thanks for all these disk, you have made a very easy website .
Question: do you have also atari programs instead of games? I search for the atari or pc a very good disassembler for making good source code and than for check how it's build and than for use make my own program. Some for pc uses windows vista and on the atari... Please can somebody help me out with that?
Sorry for my bad english.
Marco Kersten 
Arnhem, Netherlands
Entry No. 145 04.07.2010
What can i say... MEGA SITE!!! Many games i've never heard of, and in the day i had 'em all! Thank you so much!
Would like to send my golden regards to the sites creators! I salute you.
Tim Drew 
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