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Entry No. 227 21.07.2018
Great work! Brilliant to have the collection in one place.
Andy XL 
Sydney, Australia
Entry No. 226 30.05.2018
Great site - keep up the good work, it's much appreciated!! Well worth checking back from time to time for the latest software.
Entry No. 225 25.02.2018
I keep coming back every year. Thank you, keep it up!
Santiago, Chile
Entry No. 224 25.01.2018
Your site is fantastic. You've done all of the hard work. Thank you much.
Columbus, USA
Entry No. 223 19.01.2018
Thank you a lot for great collection of good old games! It's fantastic! Go on!
Entry No. 222 07.01.2018
WOW!! You got my respect!!! I grow up in the 80's... keep it up.!!! people are awesome!!!!!!!!
Hamburg, Germany
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