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Entry No. 233 14.04.2019
Fantastic collection of files! Thanks for putting all of this together and making it available to the Atari community!
Entry No. 232 10.04.2019
Thanks for your Atari 8bit support. I downloaded all ATR images and copied them on real 5 1/4 inch floppies to use on real Atari 1050 drives.
Stormtrooper of Death 
Weert, Netherlands
Entry No. 231 30.03.2019
That new online music feature is awesome!
Entry No. 230 13.03.2019
Absolutely fantastic! All this hard work from your side made things easier for us! A must-have, clean and full collection that our Ataris will love! Thank you!
Athens, Greece
Entry No. 229 01.11.2018
Absolutely wonderful! I have several archives of disks, roms, etc. but none as clean and well organized as this. Works flawlessly with my AVGCart, UNOCart, SDrive-Max, etc. etc. Keep up the great work!
Lewis Center, United States
Entry No. 228 31.10.2018
This is fantastic. I was always worrying that people were releasing cool games for the Atari 8-Bit and that I was missing them; especially around ABBUC. Just from an awareness standpoint, this is important work you've done. The convenience of the format and the "call to fun" is wonderful. Thanks!
Pixel Mischief  
Cliffside Park, NJ, United States
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