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Entry No. 295 13.04.2024
Thank you for the hard work. Loving it! One small request: please do not put titles that start with "The" in the 'T' folder. Besides making the folder extra large, it is not how we sort titles in English. We ignore "The" or put it at the end (e.g., "Final Fight, The").

That's how I sort...
Atariville, USA
Entry No. 294 06.04.2024
Received the new Atari 400 Mini and will try these out via USB. Thanks for the contribution and site. Bringing back the memories of childhood and good times. Much love All, keep the legend going.
Entry No. 293 29.03.2024
trying the 800 rom set on My Arcade Atari Gamestation Pro will see what happens!
United States
Entry No. 292 26.01.2024
Hallo, und vielen Dank für ihre aufwendige Arbeit all diese ATARI Spiele zusammen zustellen... Thank's for bulding these FAMOUS Game Disks... that's GREAT!!!
Entry No. 291 08.01.2024
Wanted to say "Thank You" for all the hard work you have done to get all of these games posted here.. It's really appreciated!
Villa Park, IL, United States
Entry No. 290 07.01.2024
If you're a Fujinet user, you can access the collection of .ATR files generously provided by Homesoft at the address On 24/7
Jozefow, Poland
Entry No. 289 07.01.2024
legancko tego typu
jozin z bazin
Entry No. 288 15.10.2023
Wow, so many games on here to download, I'm just waiting for delivery of my 800xl that I had as a kid, fond memories, bouderdash was the one we all loved, but so many others, I'll download this in readiness.. cheers and thanks for the hard work, Tom!
Thomas Jones 
Merseyside, United Kingdom
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