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Entry No. 269 02.07.2021
Excellent collection.
Atomia only runs from Disk 145 not loose file XEX/COM in Altirra.
does this check for saved HI-SCORE???
fixed, Altirra problem bypassed...
Entry No. 268 23.06.2021
Great job! The playback of every music tune is the best feature!
Nickolas Gaspar
Entry No. 267 30.05.2021
Andrey Bibiano Jardim  
So Joo Del-Rei / Minas Gerais, Brazil
Entry No. 266 20.05.2021
Thanks ! I use this collection with my ATARI 65XE + SIO2SD. It works great.
Alexander Kuznetsow 
Stary Oskol, Russian Federation
Entry No. 265 09.05.2021
Thanks for all the hard work on keeping the Atari 8-bit alive!
James P.  
Cary, United States
Entry No. 264 21.04.2021
Very cool thanks! I'll put these to good use.
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